Stephen January 9th, 2018

Such a shock and sad sad loss. I learned so much from Sheldon, had so many great times. My thoughts are with Anne, Alex Ross and James. I often remember the time we went with Anne to La Gavroche, Sheldon was about 2 hours late :) we then ate..... There was a young star (George Michael), eating in the corner. Sheldon tried to find a more expensive armangac, than the one ordered by Tim Lund at the famous Schloss (one Frankfurt Book Fair). But to no avail Tim kept his record... The reluctantly cheaper armangac did result in Sheldon singing Careless Whisper ever louder as the meal moved to dessert and cheese. Sheldon was a great foodie, and was responsible for braking me into the many great restaurants around the world Automobile Association Paris, Riverside, Tante Claire, RAC Club, numerous French and New York and Parisian places. I remember him arguing with the RAC club sommelier on whether the red wine was corked or not. Sheldon did his best to make work a fun place to go to, Mike Watson will remember the Friday nights at Unit C1 in the 80s, Brad's bacon butties, all little perks ahead of their time to make life fun. Sheldon was a great relationships person and great reader of people and situations, with masses of patience both with the likes of the young brash me (oh to be young and brash again) and also in business, whether acquiring a business or negotiating a deal, sometimes over years. Finally, the last time I met Sheldon was quite by accident. I lunched with 2 of my daughters in Farringdon (on a visit to London), did our goodbyes, crossed the road to flag down a cab, a cab stopped, and out popped Sheldon, needless to say I didn't get in, i went to his office and caught up on old times and met Anne once more. Sheldon leaves a big foot print on this world, everyone who met him whether friends or business, is bound to have a hundred anecdotes about this dearly missed friend and mentor. God Rest I hope George Michael will be giving you singing lessons now :)